Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Write Your Own Life's Story. (Emotional Release)

I am a goof ball. I am a bad dancer. I love dancing. I love cooking. I'm a bad chef sometimes. I never give up on love. I love fairy tales (and I still believe in happily ever afters). I sometimes hate working out. I sometimes love working out. I eat clean. I am very into natural remedies. I love my family. I love myself. I am an actress. I am a writer. I am a director. I love to color. I love pandas. I think laughter is addicting. 

People try to label me. They try to judge me before they know me. Which is silly to me. But I respect that in them. I think the beautiful thing in life is to have your own opinions of each and every thing out there. To never stop questioning. To keep searching for your personal truth. 

A good friend of mine posted a photo that said 'I'm not fat, I have fat' which was pretty cool...and made me think deeply of my weight loss journey. For a long time I was fat. In my mind at least. And it stuck to me, the fat was controlling more of my life than I would want it to, and that wasn't okay. But I allowed it to happen. 

Then one day I had enough. And the fat was lost. And I realized that I wasn't the fat-it was just something that stuck to me due to my own insecurities. My own doubts about myself. It worked as a safety blanket that turned out not to be so safe. I was being suffocated. I had scary moments when I would just black out. Pass out in random places due to having too much weight on my body. And not to mention the emotional baggage I was carrying around. Oy!  

It was a mask that I wore, and I was finally ready to take it off. 

I guess that's why losing weight worked for me this time. The shackles that I had enslaved myself to had finally been broken. Never to be pieced back together. 

Meditation has helped me a lot. Finding myself. Eating clean, and exercise really help with the energy levels, and I have learned that 'inner-cise' (the work one does on yourself aka meditation) is just as important. 

We can do anything. If we are ready to. 

We get to write our own stories. And just remember--if someone is speaking negative of you remind yourself that it ISNT you're story that they are telling. It is their own. It is just showing their own insecurities. 

Remember-your story has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. 

Just as their story has nothing to do with you. :) 

"What people think of you is none of your business."
-Deepak Chopra 

I'm finding out new things about myself each and every day and it's so thrilling to me! I'm falling in love with who I am and who I'm becoming.

Best. Love Story. Ever. 
And she lived Happily Ever After. <3 


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