Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video Blog Post!

As I continue on with my weight loss journey I have become very interested in obesity and our youth and how much of an issue it is. I want to help! And my thinking is-if I am able to reach out to just one kid, help one person get through the bullying and the hard times of being overweight/obese then I will be happy. 

And then take them down a road of getting healthy and fit for THEMSELVES not for others! Thats the most important thing to me, at least. 

Check it out and pass it on to your young ones about teen bullying due to weight/obesity! We can change the world, we really, truly can! 

For some strange reason blogger wont let me just post the video I'll try to fix it later, but heres the link to it for now!! :

I hope you enjoy :)