Monday, December 12, 2011

Update in photos!

So this time last year I was trying trying, TRYING to lose weight by counting calories..and I took pictures for 'progress' no progress happened.

I actually gained weight up until I started Dukan. But here is a pic of me from last year at this time compared to today!



Sunday, December 11, 2011

WOW! 63lbs gone!

So....for weeks I have been trying to update my blog but three of my accounts were hacked...including this one because they were all somehow I finally had a chance to change all of my passwords!


And doing great, I have officially lost 63 lbs! WOOHOO! On the 13th, it will be my 7 month anniversary with dukan. 

Man oh man...does that sound nice? I've never stuck with something this long.

Confession time...

I fell off the wagon for 2 weeks being really sick and only being able to eat salty things (crackers, chips, fries) and I felt afraid to weigh in...its not like I was eating a TON because...I was sick...I didn't feel like eating anything. And when I stepped on the scale I was 6 lbs lighter...VERY LUCKY. But I slowly but surely got back on the dukan horse. I knew if I didn't I would easily gain that 6 lbs back PLUS a ton more!

It made me feel comfortable that I had the slip up but knew how to get back on track...this is a life journey for me and I love that I know the basics and how to jumpstart Dukan again after slip-ups.

Slip-ups aren't the end of us, life happens, sometimes you are put into situations where you have no choice but to choose things that aren't on dukan...but the true test comes when you are pushed to get back to dukan. Can you do it? Of course!! Will you do it? That's up to you I suppose :)

Blessings to you and happy holidays!