Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beginning of a Chapter....

Hey Dreamers,

This is my first blog ever! It's very exciting for me. I've wanted to do it for quite some time yet never got enough nerve to actually act out on this.

I guess you start off by thinking what will people want to read? What will interest others? Then you pause and realize that sometimes it's not about the others, it's about you. People care way too much what others will think of them, at ALL ages and it's kind of sad. It's like a bad dream where you are stuck in high school FOREVER. Just let go and be free.

The photos below by Photographer Mariusz Jankowski (has great work, check it out sometime!Mariusz Jankowski Works of Art) explains my outlook on life. For a long time I was afraid of the dark. Afraid of being alone. Afraid that darkness meant sadness. But think about how much a person realizes in those late hours of laying in the bedroom in the dark. You find out a lot about yourself. You take away all of who you are when others are around. You take away the act, the walls that you put up that day and you are you. Alone. In the darkness. And I believe that that is completely real. Even if there are tears, that is so brave.

It says a lot when you can go into the light with others and smile, but when you become one with yourself, and are able to smile in the dark, that says everything. That is simply the light we are all searching for.

Dance wild. Explore. Learn. Teach. Dream.